DIY Baofeng(Pofung) Programming Cable (Multi-Purpose)

In relation to my previous post. In the event you dont have a baofeng programming cable laying around, you can easily whip one up. Here's how….

Material Needed

1. Some wires (bunch of small pieces)
2. USB-TTL adapter, I am using PL2102
3. 1pc 3.5 mm Stereo (3-pole) plug
4. 1pc 2.5 mm Stereo (3-pole) plug
5. 1pc 4 mm (4-pole) plug
6. Soldering iron+solder
7. Electrical Tape


Putting It All Together

The diagram shown below shows which poles are conected to what leg of USB-TTL. A Word of caution: Do not connect BF-888s and UV-3R at once, you can only program one device at a time.


Good luck!

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