Fixing Baofeng BF-888s Audio Issue.

I had ordered about 10 of Baofeng BF-888s 2-way radios to be used at work for communicating around our facility. Since it is so large and if one was to run around looking for another person, it could literally take hours. With the 2-way radios, locating a person is quite fast and easy.

We used to purchase the good ol Motorola TalkAbout models from local Costco. They were quite expensive and after few drops they would just become useless. So I decided to purchase the Baofeng BF-888s, which are cheaper and more rugged.

Of the 10 units that I had ordered, one of them had bad audio through its speaker but if using headset, sound was perfectly normal. So I had given out all but that unit to the team that needed them.

So the other day, I thought, hey what the hell lets take this unit apart and see whats inside.

Taking It Apart

1. Remove the battery


2. Remove the antenna and other knobs


3. Remove the nuts around the antenna and knob ports using a special tool


Note: you can just use a small screw driver, insert it in one slot and push it counter-clock-wise


4. Remove the screws from the rear. There are two philips (#2) near the top and two T8 near the bottom of the radio.


5. Once all the screws are removed, just slide the plate out.

Note: Becarefull as the speaker wires really small.


Here is what it looks like once apart


6. Now we need to relocate the marked speaker wire to the marked terminal. (I realize that destination terminal is not clearly marked, I must have missed it when I took the picture…sorry)


In the picture below, it is connected to the new terminal.


Once I soldered the wire to new location, I quickly popped the battery in to see if it sounds any better, and it sure does. It is not perfect, there is still some distortion but it is quite a bit better than before. Before and After audio sample is below.



While going through the circuit board I noticed a small screw terminal (DO NOT TOUCH), it is the frequency adjustment knob.


DO NOT TOUCH!!! unless you know exactly what you are doing and you have a precise frequency counter.

I hope this little write up has helped someone.

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